Margin Loan

Yukai Capital Group offers clients access to recourse or margin financing for eligible assets.

Currently, margin financing is only available against eligible equities that are listed and traded on the following exchanges:

  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Mainboard only)
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • Singapore Stock Exchange

Our margin financing products offer the following benefits:

  • Loan amounts from USD $500,000 and up
  • Loan to Values (LTV) of 10% to 50%
  • Interest Rates of 9% and up
  • Fixed Term and Line of Credit options available
  • No trading or selling of the shares unless a default occurs

Because margin products are full recourse, clients will be required to meet local credit qualifications and to also provide personal/corporate guarantees for the repayment of the debt.

Clients who do not wish to provide personal/corporate guarantees or want to have their other assets at risk should consider our Non-Recourse Stock Loans as an alternative.

Please note that we are unable to provide margin financing to shareholders and/or assets that have already been declined by local banks for margin financing.

For more information or to apply for our margin financing, please Contact Us.