Recourse Margin Loans

Yukai Capital Group offers clients access to both Private and Institutional (Bank) Margin Loans for shares that are eligible for margin loans in select markets worldwide.

Margin products are for sophisticated clients who are capable of providing personal and/or corporate guarantees as well as having the ability to meet other credit qualifications lieu of allowing the shares held as collateral to be actively traded or hedged by the Lender.

Clients who do not wish to provide personal/corporate guarantees or want to have their other assets at risk in the event they are unable to statist a margin call (default) should consider our Non-Recourse Stock Loans as an alternative.

Margin loans are offered in two versions:

  • Private Margin Loans – provided by licensed asset management firms
  • Institutional Margin Loans – provided by banks and other regulated financial institutions

Recourse Margin Loans differ from our Non-Recourse Stock Loans in the following:

  • Total loan amounts available against a single position can be limited based on individual markets
  • Loan to Values (LTV) typically range between 10% and 50%
  • Interest Rates are either variable or fixed (9% and up)
  • Requires borrower to provide personal and/or corporate guarantees to repay the loan
  • Borrower must be approved according to credit qualifications
  • Only strong Mid and Large Cap stocks that meet margin requirements are accepted
  • Available in a limited number of markets

Margin financing products are not available against shares listed in the following markets; China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, The United States and Vietnam.