Fixed Income Non-Recourse Loans

For 2020, Yukai Capital is now providing a non-recourse financing solution for holders of fixed income securities issued by regional issuers against the backdrop of an opaque and potentially deteriorating secondary market.

In the past weeks Yukai Capital’s new financing product provides bond holders requiring a solution to hedge against downside risk and a possible increase in corporate defaults.

We have structured a bespoke financing solution to provide liquidity for qualified individuals and corporate entities who are seeking an alternative to full recourse margin lending.

In collaboration with our Hong Kong investment managers, Yukai Capital’s bespoke solution allows bond holders to unlock the equity held in their assets and create liquidity in a short time frame.

This not only enables bond holders to hedge against the downgrading of assets and issuers but also enhances the ability to redeploy capital in a volatile and potentially lucrative market.

This solution is available for Corporate Bonds that are rated and traded on secondary markets.

General terms offered:

    Loan amounts from USD $10,000,000. To over USD $500,000,000
    Loan to Values (LTV) of up to 65%
    Fixed annual interest rates starting from 3% and up
    Minimum loan term of 24 months
    100% non-recourse loan structure
    Assets will be held with large and reputable banks and brokerages (title transfer required)
Please contact us for additional information or to apply for our Fixed Income Loan program.

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