Fine Art Finance

Yukai Capital Group provides clients with financing solutions secured against fine artwork.

Our financing solutions offer clients with the ability to:

  1. Acquire or purchase new pieces for a collection or sales inventory
  2. Provide cash advances for pieces being sold
  3. Unlock the liquidity or cash value from pieces already owned
  4. A tool for use as part of an Asset Protection, Estate Planning or Tax Planning strategy

Financing solutions are available in the form of:

  1. Short, mid and long term loans (recourse & non-recourse)
  2. Cash advances of up to 30% of the estimated sale value
  3. Leases
  4. Sale-Lease Backs

We offer loans from USD $1,000,000 up to USD $250,000,000 against original works of art by notable artists in the following forms:

  1. Paintings
  2. Sculptures
  3. Photographs (and negatives)
  4. Other select and recognized mediums

Our financing solutions are only available against works that have a recorded secondary market (auction history) and for which clients can provide all require provenance and other documentation on.


  1. FInancing solutions are currently limited to U.S. residents and works that are located in the U.S.
  2. Non-recourse financing products will require that the piece(s) be held at a secure storage facility of our choosing at borrower’s expense.
  3. Sale advances will typical be required to be sold via one of our designated auction houses or dealers.
  4. Pieces that have no secondary market (auction history) are not accepted and are considered to be illiquid
  5. We do not accept production art (numbered prints, sculptures etc.)

For additional information or to apply for one of our fine art financing solutions, please Contact Us.