Convertible Debt

Yukai Capital Group offers a Convertible Debt product for publicly listed and traded companies that are seeking to raise capital for various business needs.

Our Convertible Debt product allows listed companies to use unrestricted and free trading shares of their company as collateral to raise capital as an alternative to finding investors who would be interested in buying these shares.

We offer competitive rates, terms and a bespoke structures in addition to providing flexibility in using additional shares (at a discount from market) in lieu of cash to settle many of the fees and costs associated with our Convertible Debt product. This flexibility can benefit clients who are trying to retain their cash holdings or to avoid FX volatility.

This product is available in most of the markets that we are active in and requires the shares to meet similar criteria to that of our other loan products.

Please note that this product will require the advance payment of USD $20,000 as a legal fee deposit which must be paid after our term sheet has been signed. Up to half of this fee can be returned upon the successful funding of the Convertible Debt requested.

For additional information or to apply for our Convertible Debt program, please contact us.