The following is market details related to specific Asian markets.

China is limited to our Repo (Reverse Repurchase Agreement) which requires the sale of the shares with an agreement to allow the borrower to repurchase them by a set date and at a pre-negotiated price.

We are currently unable to provide any type of Margin Loan or Stock Loan structure for Chinese A Shares.

South Korea is limited to our Repo and Bronze Stock Loan products since only Title Transfer loan structures can not be employed in this market due to Government and/or Exchange restrictions.

All other Asian markets are eligible for our Non-Title Transfer Non-Recourse Stock Loan Products (Silver, Gold & Platinum Stock Loans).

As of September 2019, only eligible Mid & Large Cap shares listed on the stock exchanges of Honk Kong, Singapore and Indonesia will be considered for our Private Margin Loan product.

Please note that Shariah Compliant Structures can be provided to Muslim clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore but are limited to our Silver and Gold Stock Loans.